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This report was written in the year 2025 by a group assigned this task comprised of DMLE and DoM researchers edited by the head of the DMLE and then passed on the Minister of Magic.

A terrorist group that calls itself Thirteen made its first appearance in the press in 2021 though the DoM had been hearing rumors of their existence since 2018. Their first press release (see page 3 for the exact wording of the article) claimed that their goal was the reformation of the government and listed thirteen aliases that they claimed as their only members. Since then we have determined that this must be untrue due to the number and strength of actions they have taken since this announcement. Their first attack on the magical people of England used a delayed transfiguration and an incendio charm, this was cast on five ministry workers and triggered when they were all in the Bureau of Defense at which point the workers were converted into their own weight in nitroglycerin and ignited. Over the four years that have passed since then we have lost one of the three auror headquarters, Stonehenge Laboratories, Amelia Bones former head of the DMLE, 246 Aurors, one unspeakable, and several minor areas of ministerial operation. We have successfully uncovered the identities of six of The Thirteen (for their files contact the DMLE), killed one (see page 4 for details), captured two of their bases, The Agency (see page 12 for details) , and an unnamed safe house that was equipped with a wide array of muggle electronics that self destructed before they could be examined. Auror task force B destroyed an undead prima cohors made up of 800 animated Roman soldiers. We have discovered over the course of this conflict that only unspeakables and/or dragon riders are capable of opposing the members of the Thirteen, and even they can only do it in groups. Our recommendation is that you create legislation for much higher defense protocols on ministry buildings and that you change the laws restricting when and where unspeakables can engage in combat and increase the funding for the dragon rider program.