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Review for The Song of the Trees Chapter 18 from mwinter on December 09, 2009
Any news on Chapter 20?
Review for The Song of the Trees Chapter 19 from mwinter on May 15, 2009
Any update soon?
Review for The Song of the Trees Chapter 19 from Voice of the Nephilim on April 23, 2009
It's very nice to see this story updated. Is Hermione's trip to St. Mungo's a consequence of her fight with Harry within the Department of Mysteries? It seems like the fight took place a long time ago in the story, but maybe that's reality's passing of time messing with my perceptions with regards to the story. For not being beta'd, it didn't seem like there were very many mistakes at all. Did the Islamies (sp?) douse his food while underground with an agent that makes the outside atmosphere hazardous to him? I'm just trying to come up with an alternate explanation, and am failing. I eagerly await the next chapter.
Review for The Song of the Trees Chapter 19 from Sesc on April 19, 2009
Well ... in reverse order: I have no idea what the hell happened in that room with Narcissa. I have to read that and the follow-up again. Otherwise, what stood out to me (in a positive way): The start of the duel in the graveyard. I think I actually startled, physically -- I was really immersed in Harry's musings; and suddenly there's the reflection on the stone (_>) ... well, it worked out, in the end. Nice chapter, and *no* plea to update faster (I recently answered a request about that in one of my own reviews with the plea to add another 24 hours in the day :/)
Review for The Song of the Trees Chapter 17 from Sesc on August 18, 2008
Heya Tinn. Finally got round reading your story, as part of my holiday reading matter :) Having the advantage of reading it as a whole, I thought I’d comment on that; you probably have enough reviews about the chapters on their own. First, in some ways it feels like there is a break in there, made obvious through the Interlude and the long time that passes there; but it’s more than that. Could be that was due to your Writer’s Block then (?), and not saying it’s actually bad, just something you notice; it reads in some ways more like a story and its sequel rather than one story. The first half and the second show differences, both in plot and writing style (and maybe even DLP-influence, but that could be coincidence ;) ). I feel your writing evolved over the course of the story, but before and after the Interlude it shows the most. I’m always bad at describing what I mean exactly, the first part is … simpler, I guess. Both in terms of writing and plot, which is why I like the second part more; e.g. the Department of Mysteries is a very nice addition, and makes for a great opponent. During that time, the story is really picking up speed. In terms of interest, it moved the story from ‘interesting’ to ‘can’t wait to see what happens next’. That also shows itself in how immersed into the story I was; when I’m really into it, I never notice odd details, things that don’t quite match etc. Like back at the fourth chapter, when you build Harry up to be emotionless and all that (or at least that is how I perceived him to be), and then, when he fought against the Werewolves, he thought about not wanting to use to lethal spells, because it could kill them. I frowned there. It’s nothing big, but I noticed it; and if it had been in the second half, I probably wouldn’t. Then again, maybe there aren’t any such bumps there to begin with, and that’s part of the reason I like it better … as I said, I wouldn’t know; the second part really gripped me. Especially that chapter in the Department of Mysteries; the best one in the story, in my opinion. Wonderful work there; I was constantly on the edge of my seat, and I just love it if something introduced seemingly in passing, way back at the beginning, is suddenly used (Harry casting spells with his left hand). I get these wonderfully satisfying moments where I snap my fingers and are all like ‘yes, that’s right, he can do that, can he?’ For me, one of the greatest moments in the story. Maybe a few thoughts about Hermione as well. In the first half, you write her well; I like your version of her. Or rather, I find her irritating in various degrees (like in that scene in the Leaky Cauldron in chapter three), and that’s what I like; because it means the author got her in-character. It’s the same feeling I get when reading the books. In the second half we don’t see her much, at least not directly, so that makes it harder to assess her … I’m still not quite sure of her motives, whether or not she indeed does what she does out of some twisted desire to help Harry. If that is the case, I’m also not sure if she would go to such lengths, to “protect” him, but nevertheless, in your story, it works, and that is all that matters. Aside from that, what I really love is your backstory, about the Founders and the Third Kind. It gives the story much more depth, and nudges it on the path to become truly great, and not just your average-good fanfiction. It’s the same thing that makes me like Joe’s Wastelands so much, the whole Atlantis-thing that is always in the background, stories within the story and all that. Right now, I probably could read a whole book, just about the Isiame and their war against the Founders. Will we learn more about them and their history? Well, overall, a very positive feeling remained after reading it; and on that note (completely hypocritical, seeing how often I update myself): update, please? Cheers for giving me a wonderful and very entertaining read (and congrats for becoming a Mod) – Sesc
Review for The Song of the Trees Chapter 17 from Lyndon Eye on April 07, 2008
The flow of this chapter was really good, as usual. It's interesting that as the situation with the Isiames becomes more and more clear, the situation with the Unspeakables and Martin becomes more muddled and confusing. Why ARE they so pre-occupied with the Third Kind? I could understand Hermione being obsessed (after all, she does have a personal connection to Harry), but what's on the agenda for the rest of them? Oh, and it also seems as if the Unspeakables have TOO much power, especially in comparison to, say, the Aurors and other ministry officials. Overall, the impression that you create of the Third Kind is that they are just normal people in a standard society. It seems that the majority of the Third Kind is rather insignificant in power while a few select individuals (such as the Queen and the Dumbledoresque Eunice) are the powerful leaders. This is actually a pretty effective portrayal since it makes the Third Kind seem more realistic and, well, human. In any case, it's much better than having every individual of the Third Kind be Super!Powerful. Personally, one of the biggest questions raised by this chapter is over the role that Lily plays. I don't think you explained the whole 'knight' concept very clearly: in fact, the whole charming of the fallen swords seems a bit incredulous and out-of-place, as if it was just an easy way to get Lily involved. If you can explain Lily's history more in the coming chapters, that'd be awesome, as well as clear up a lot of questions. As a whole, this was a pretty strong chapter that ties up the loose ends of Chapter 16 and builds towards the next 'action' scene. Update soon! -Lyndon Eye
Review for The Song of the Trees Chapter 17 from Voice of the Nephilim on April 07, 2008
Very good chapter. I'm with Harry on this one. I don't trust the Third Kind. They, without compunction, took out three people who were trying to help Harry figure out his true self. They have their own agenda, and I'm sure it's one that Harry isn't going to like.
Review for The Song of the Trees Chapter 17 from Lord Ravenclaw on April 07, 2008
Excellent, so we finally find out who these people really are. Where are you going next? There aren't many loose ends now from what I can see, namely Roslyn's sword. I do look forward to seeing where you take this. Brownie points for more Harry/Daphne. Not quite a 1800 word review, but I did enjoy the chapter. Keep up the great work, Tinn.
Review for The Song of the Trees Chapter 16 from Bellatrix on March 06, 2008
Update soon?
Review for The Song of the Trees Chapter 1 from Imperator Pesmerga on February 01, 2008
I've been putting this off for awhile, and now that I've started to read it, I'm glad that I did. One of the best things about this story is how you portrayed Romilda Vane. Most authors always seem to forget this all important fact- people change as they get older. Not you though. First time we saw Romilda in HBP she was a stuck-up bitch, and an irritating one at that, but that was when she was 14-ish. Now she's 18 and you've showed that she's changed for the better. Kudos. Another thing that interested me is Harry's character. He's more detached and colder than usual, but once in awhile as you can see in his convos with Hagrid and McGonagall some of the 'old' Harry is still here. Anyways, I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the story.
Review for The Song of the Trees Chapter 16 from tmctflyboy on January 21, 2008
i have to say your story is a breath of fresh air from reading tons of bad or ok stories. the mystery and suspense keeps me coming back for more. look forward to reading the next chapter when it comes out. i do have to say i love the implications that go with lily and james finding the two swords
Review for The Song of the Trees Chapter 16 from Lyndon Eye on January 05, 2008
This chapter was... enlightening, to say the least. It seemed a lot more passive and wasn't as riveting as, say, the last one, but it was absolutely essential to the understanding of the story. I feel like the tension of mystery that you've been building up throughout the story was finally resolved in this chapter. Now that I actually understand what the third kind is, everything makes a lot more sense. I'm slightly disappointed by your flashbacks, but then again, it is so difficult to write a good Hogwarts Founders scene. In the end, everything seems to inevitably follow the same pattern: the near-perfect, all powerful founders conquer Hogwarts, and then are divided by the muggle-born issue. Yet, I'm sure that my disappointment isn't your fault. It's just that these ideas themselves are trite and over-explored by the general fandom. The writing itself was still very fluid and gripping. On another note, I really liked the character of Rosalyn. I felt that she seemed very realistic and admirable. It was quite easy to empathize with her. My feelings on Cassiopeia are definitely ambivalent. On the one hand, I understand that you want to emphasize her uniqueness, but on the other hand, I couldn’t help but get a Mary-Sueish impression of her. She’s amazingly powerful, young, and physically beautiful. I think it might have been more realistic to have her late-middle aged (after all, she is the Queen). Then again, I don’t know enough about the society of the third kind to make a proper judgment. Overall, my impression of this chapter was pretty good. You answered lot of the questions that the reader had and managed to more clearly and precisely define the conflict of the story. Great job! Update soon! -Lyndon Eye
Review for The Song of the Trees Chapter 16 from ttrslk on January 05, 2008
Great chapter, finally some concrete information about this obscure but appealing plot. The part of the Hogwarts foundation was very realistic, one of the characteristics of this fic that keeps me reading, and one that few fanfiction authors like... Waiting for the next chapter.
Review for The Song of the Trees Chapter 16 from Digitalstorm on January 03, 2008
Excellent chapter. It was very enjoyable to read about the race Harry belongs to. Also the interaction between Harry and Daphne was highly amusing and well done. I eagerly anticipate the next update...almost as much as I anticipate the update of your other story.
Review for The Song of the Trees Chapter 16 from Lord Ravenclaw on January 03, 2008
Excellent. I enjoyed that chapter, seeing the history of the trees. I love the mystery involved with the story, makes you want to keep reading, only to find that you haven't written the rest XD. Great job Tinn.
Review for The Song of the Trees Chapter 1 from Acinonyx on January 03, 2008
Glad you posted this here, the story is great!
Author reply
Thank you, next chapter coming in about ten minutes! :)
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